Don’t take our word for it!  See what others have said about Rick:

“Rick is one of the hardest working guys that I have ever met. He brings a depth of knowledge to the Office.  He is a state certified appraiser and it’s clear he loves Orlando.”

Alan Ginsburg
Businessman & Philanthropist

“When I think fairness, accountability, and strong work ethic, I think Orange County Property Appraiser Rick Singh. And I’d like to think that for another 4 years.”

Dick Batchelor
Political Analyst, Consultant Website

“Having Rick Singh as our Orange County property appraiser is like shooting a squirrel with a shot gun. He’s THAT good! And that’s coming from a Republican!”

Angel Cortés

“I’ve known Rick Singh for many years, and he is exactly the kind of public servant that Orange County needs.”

Frank Kruppenbacher
Chairman - Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA) Website

“It is amazing the changes that have taken place, even on the streets with your assessors, with their physical assessments of properties, rather than guessing at an increased value from a computerized picture. You are an asset to that office, and it is refreshing to see an Elected Property Appraiser who is actually a State Certified Appraiser. “

Lydia Pisano
Mayor City of Belle Isle

“Orange County is one of the most complex counties in the world to appraise.  No other county in the world has such a diverse tax roll.  This is why we need four more years of Rick Singh – a qualified professional appraiser and  real estate broker with both public and private sector experience.  The right man for the job.”

Ed Conrad
Retired Appraiser

“As Property Appraiser, Rick Singh is easy to work with and always accessible. He’s the most experienced property appraiser we’ve ever had and it shows. Through fair service and honest appraisals, I’m proud to call Rick Singh my Property Appraiser. ”

Bill Segal
Former County Commissioner and Business Owner

“Leaders like Rick Singh are what we hope to see in our local government. He is smart, he is capable, and he is responsive to the community’s needs.”

John Morgan
Attorney - Morgan & Morgan Law Website

“It’s great to have a Property Appraiser that is actually a professional property appraiser.  Someone that knows the job and is not a career politician.”

David Siegel
CEO - Westgate Resorts